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Sarasota Herald Tribune's One Sided View on District 4 Candidates

Jon Susce, a freelance writer, has shared his views on the recent article in the Sarasota Herald Tribune outlining the 2 candidates running for County Commissioner in District 4, Mark Hawkins and Joe Neunder. Here’s what he had to say:

An article written by a clueless Sarasota Herald Tribune reporter who wrote nothing about Neunder being a flunky for Pat Neal and his gangster developers who put in over $125,000 into Neunder’s campaign to stuff him in their pockets. Follow the money and do some research…it is a disgrace the candidates are not vetted more.

Neunderr was a leader in one of the most devious local campaigns, which was the attempt to defeat the Single member District Referendum. He has recently been anointed by local “Pay to Play” developers to replace another developer flunky, who is the term limited Sarasota County Commissioner in District Four, Al Maio. Neunder is Pat Neal, Carlos Beruff, Randy Benderson, Rex Jensen and other “Pay to Play developer flunky was an officer of the PAC called STOP! Stealing Our Votes to defeat Single Member Districts and a mouthpiece of a $150,000 campaign to defeat Single Member District in 2018. Despite Neunder and his patrons $150,000 — Neunder put the PAC together out of a P.O. Box in Venice and was the treasurer of the PAC, which had Russ Bobbitt as the agent and chairman. Neunder also helped manage the campaign and contributed to the anti-Single Member District PAC. Neal and Benderson each contributed $10,000 to this STOP! Stealing Our Vote PAC, which was put together to defeat Single Member District’s. This was one of the most devious crooked Dirty Dark Money PAC put together in years.

Neunder, who has proven his loyalty to Neal and his cronies, is following the script that Neal lays out for those 100% in Neal and his crew pockets by pledging to go along to get along as a Sarasota County Commissioner. Neunder proved his loyalty to Neal, Beruff, Benderson, Jensen and their cronies just as present and former County Commissioners Mike Moran, Al Maio, Ron Cutsinger, Charles Hines were appointed to Sarasota County Planning Board did for voting for every project “Pay to Play” developers put before them. Neunder proved he can “suck it up” to Neal and cronies just as the above mentioned did. The chiropractor who works out of Nokomis also proved he can suck up to Neal and his lily-white good ole boys as a Venice City Council member by raising his hand in approval of any development project Neal stuck in his face—Neunder has learned very nicely to say in essence –“YES SIR MR. NEAL.”

These statements have not been made by Mark Hawkins himself and Jon Susce is in no way associated with the Mark Hawkins for County Commissioner campaign.