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Bringing Change To Sarasota

Growth is not going to stop but how growth is handled needs to change. Growth and infrastructure have to work hand in hand. Before you start a new 23000 home site roadways,water, sewer and environmental issues have to be put in place and the work started before home construction.

Protecting Our Waterways

The enforcement of the protection our waterways must be completely revamped. As our population continues to grow and the number of tourists coming to this area increases how will we protect the waterways and how the waterways will be used needs attention. Protecting will begin with upgrading our waste water treatment plants and fixing high areas of street runoff. Currently there are very few limits on the use of any or kind of water craft in the creeks, bays or gulf. If not defined and a level put in place our waterways wilt look like the waterways in St Pete and Clearwater. Hundreds of jet skies, banana boats, tour boats and more.